(Shanghai) CO. LTD

No. 406-1 West Jianguo Lu
Office O
Xuhui District, Shanghai 200031
P.R. China


Office: +86 21 6029 3802 (Chinese)
Mobile: +86 186 1657 8753 (Chinese+English)


Lai Linli, Architect MSc, Grade A licensed architect, General Manager
Xiaoming Tan, BA, Marketing Manager
Dou Jian, Architect
Yin Lian, Architect BSc
Vanessa Qian, Financial Assistant
Fang Hai, Architect MSc, PhD, Development Director China, Consultant

PES-Architects started to enter Chinese competitions at 2003. Between 2003-2012 we have worked on over 50 competitions or design commissions in such cities as Shanghai, Wuxi, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shenyang, Wuhan, Hefei, Nanning, Kunming, Yunnan, Beihai, Zhengzhou and Lianyungang. China has given us the possibility to work on many magnificent and extraordinary projects and to work in co-operation with many interesting and experienced Chinese colleagues.

In 2011 we established a WFOE company in Shanghai:
PES-Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Currently we have completed or are completing the following projects:

- Wuxi Grand Theatre, completed May 2012
- Chengdu IconYuanDuan mixed-use Super High Rise Tower, construction started 2012
- Wuxi International School, due for completion 2013
- Wuxi Xidong New District Pedestrian Bridge, completion expected 2014
- Shanghai Vanke Deep Blue: villas and club building, completed 2006
- Wuhan Economic Development Zone WEDZ; DongFen Headquarter building completed 2006, Administrative-building completed 2010 (according to amended design by local partner CSADI).

We have received the numerous 1st Prizes in Chinese architectural competitions for example:

- Wuxi International School 50,000 m2, 2011, construction 2012
- Runke Technology Office Park in Lianyungang City, 160,000m², 2011, (with local partner UDG, Shanghai)
- Chengdu C9 block, 190,000m², 2009, (with local partner CSWADI, Chengdu)
- Wuxi Grand Theater, 70,000m², 2008, (with local partners SIADR and UDG, Shanghai)
- Guangzhou Nansha Gas Company office building, 16,000m², 2007, (with local partner UDG, Shanghai)
- Nanjing Electronic Research Center, 250,000m², 2006, (with local partner UDG, Shanghai)
- Wuhan Economic Development Zone WEDZ, 120,000m², 2004, (with local partner CSADI, Wuhan)

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