CLIENT: Port of Helsinki

DATE: 2017

LOCATION: Helsinki, Finland

The terminal was designed specifically to enable faster embarkation and disembarkation of ferry passengers in this busy port serving traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn, Estonia. Walking distances are minimised, enabling the rapid transfer of large numbers of passengers to and from the ships.

Despite the focus on efficiency, the design also aimed at a high standard of quality and comfort. The public spaces are bright, comfortable and feel safe. The surface materials were chosen for wear resistance so as to retain their attractiveness throughout the building's life cycle. Different types of wood are used in the interior: thermally modified pine in the ceiling, whitened birch on the walls and solid maple for furniture. The café and bar counters are made from the same sea aluminium as used in the facades.

The waiting hall is a spacious, lounge-like space with wooden beamed ceilings, a wide glazed wall providing uninterrupted sea views, and a seaside terrace.

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