Our mission is to be an innovative, reliable and co-operative design partner.

PES-Architects is one of the leading and most international architectural design firms in Finland. Professor, Architect Pekka Salminen, founded the company in 1968, giving the office over 50 years of continuous success, based on creative talent, hard work and commitment to finding outstanding solutions to complex projects.

Our planned and built projects are significant and include such complex public buildings as theatres, airports and railway terminals, as well as university buildings, schools, sport facilities, retail developments, office buildings, housing developments and demanding refurbishment projects. Besides architectural design, our design activities also include interior design, urban planning, structural design and project management.

We operate mainly in Finland and China but have also carried projects in the Gulf Region and in Russia. We have operated in China since 2003 and in 2010 we opened our Shanghai office.

We have a diverse and international design team representing over 10 different nations, with over 60 members of staff operating out of our Helsinki office with a further circa 10 located in our Shanghai office.

In our design process we use the latest BIM-modelling technology with AutoDesk Revit Architecture, for which we have over 40 BIM licenses. We also use Rhinoceros, Artlantis, SketchUp and Adobe programs.

Sustainable design, in terms of ecological, economical and architectural quality, is essential and is a self-evident part of our design solutions. We are constantly expanding our cooperative network of specialists in various sustainability and energy saving engineering fields. We are committed to continuing and expanding these partnerships to address challenges in design and to provide cross-disciplinary
and creative solutions to our clients.

Who we are

Pekka Salminen Professor, Architect SAFA, President, Chief Architect

Tuomas Silvennoinen Architect SAFA, Design Director, Chief Architect

Jarkko Salminen Msc. CEO  

Arttu Suomalainen Architect SAFA, Chief Architect



Pekka Salminen
Partner, Professor, Architect SAFA, President
Tuomas Silvennoinen
Partner, Architect SAFA, Design Director
Jarkko Salminen
Partner, Civil Engineer, M.Sc, CEO
Arttu Suomalainen
Partner, Architect SAFA, Design Director, Transportation, FISE AA-PS

Senior architects and designers

Mariitta Helineva, Architect, Project Manager
Vesa Hinkola, Architect SAFA
Sami Lauritsalo, Architect, Design Manager,
Project Development
Kai Lindvall, Designer, Design Manager, Interiors
Jyrki Lottonen, Architect SAFA, Design Manager,
Martin Lukasczyk, Architect SAFA, Senior Architect
Pekka Mäkelä, Architect, Project Manager
Jouni Rekola, Architect SAFA, Project Manager

Architects and designers

Rania Abid, Architect
Hanna Aho, Architect SAFA
Teija Anttila-Minkkinen, Interior Architect, Artesan
Aino Aropaltio, Designer MA
Christina Blom, Architect SAFA, Project Architect
Eleanna Breza, Architect SAFA
Cristian Coniglio, Architect
Erkki Dankwa, Architect BSc, Project Architect
Nelly Formoso, Architect
Martin Genet, Architect MA
Mengxue Gu, Architect
Jasmine Haavisto, Design Assistant
Hannes Halttunen, Architect MSc
Senni Helenius, Interior Designer, Artesan
Maria Holthoer, Interior Architect
Essi Ilola, Master of Interior Architectural Design
Anniina Ikäheimo, Designer MA
Tuomas Järvinen, Architect MSc,
Project Architect, LEED AP
Juho Jääskeläinen, Student of Architecture
Matti Kankkunen, Designer MA
Mikko Karppanen, Interior Architect SIO
Saara-Maria Koskinen, Project Architect
Janne Kähkönen, Project Architect
Fabiola Liffländer, Interior Architect
Emanuel Lopes, Architect MSc
Satu Mattila, Interior Architect SIO, Project Architect
Toivo Moustgaard, Architect SAFA, BIM Development
Tuomas Mukari, Architect SAFA
Antonia Sonntag, Interior Architect
Oskar Suomalainen, Architect
Erkka Peltonen, Architect SAFA
Jessica Perhiö, Interior Architect
Miikka Penttinen, Architect SAFA
Beatriz Redondo Navarro, Architect MSc,
Simon Richardus, Architect MSc
Okko Vaara, Graduating Architect
Edita Valenius, Interior Architect SIO
Janne Vesterinen, Architect SAFA
Milla Vuorinen, Architect SAFA, BIM Coordinator
Suvimarja Vuontela, Interior Designer, Artesan
Margarita Vodneva, Architect, Bachelor
Yan Peng , Project Architect
Cillian Warfield, Architect SAFA
Li Wei, Architect BSc
Ville Ylönen, Architect SAFA, Project Architect
Yizhou Zhao, Architect Msc


Tiina Efrati, Graphic Designer, Project Assistant
Yariv Efrati, Administrative Manager
Soile Rajaharju, BBA, Financial Assistant
Telle Salminen, Assistant, International Affairs
Elias Sammalkorpi, Maintenance Assistant
Miska Ylönen, BBA, Office Assistant

PES-Architects Consulting (Shanghai) Co.Ltd

Lai Linli, Architect MSc, Grade A licensed Architect, General Manager
Jyri Eskola, Architect SAFA, Int’l. Assoc. AIA, MArch, China Development Director
Xie Fangjie, Architect, Doctorate Student
Yu Feng,, Junior architect
Guan Xiaojing(Jing) , Project Manager, Architect MSc

Dou Jian, Architect BSc
Minmin Xu, Marketing Coordinator
Lin Jianqiang, Architect BSc
Leo Li, Junior Architect


Office building 1976, atelier 1987
Extension and renovation 2008, 2013

A working environment for the architecture office in a building for which the appearance of the facades
as well as the interior is based upon a simple wood frame construction system: laminated wood beams on twin posts. A flexible furniture system compatible with the building has been designed for the office.

The atelier's spatial structure is built around three elements that represent continuity in building: a cast-iron staircase, a tile stove, and a model of a wooden sailboat. The 19th century cast-iron staircase was found among
the demolition salvage of a construction firm. The oven, probably designed at the beginning of the century by
Valter Jung as part of the selection offered by Tampereen Kaakelitehdas (Tile works) is located in a concrete inglenook, which may be seen as an oversized fireplace "fit for roosting an ox".

The sailboat model is situated in a showcase which projects out from the facade next to the private entry. The north-east-facing atelier window slopes inward, following tradition. The window of the kitchen-cum-meeting-room slopes outward and connects the interior to the front garden, which is surrounded by a concrete block wall. The covered patios of the office have been extended on the atelier side with various outdoor areas. Paving materials include concrete, red brick, wood, cobblestone and natural stone in various combinations.


2013 China International Interior Design Festival,
Golden Seat Architectural and Interior Design Master Award (Pekka Salminen)
2013 Architizer A+Award, Wuxi Grand Theatre, (Jury Winner)
2012 China National Interior Decoration Association, Main Design Award
2012 China National Interior Decoration Association,
Chinese bamboo decoration design, Award for Outstanding Contribution
2012 City of Wuxi Architecture Award, China
2003 Finnish State Award for Arts (Pekka Salminen)
2003 German Architecture Prize, Award
2003 German Concrete Architecture Prize
2002 Architecture Prize of the state of the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern of Germany
2002 (Honorary Mention) Balthasar-Neumann Prize, Germany
1999, 2001 (Honorary Mention) 2017 Finnish Steel Construction Prize
1977, 1982, 1994, 2001 Finnish Concrete Architecture Prize

Since 1986, we have consistently been working on design commissions for Helsinki Vantaa Airport, with the main projects being the International Terminal T2, completed in 1999 and the Non-Schengen Terminal Phase 1 completed in 2004.

Since 1997, Helsinki Vantaa Airport has been chosen as one of Europe’s best airports.
In international passenger surveys, Helsinki Airport has placed in the top rank in Europe and even in the world.

2010 Best airport in the Northern Europe, (Skytrax)
2010 Airport of the Year in Finland, (Finavia)
2010 Best airport to make a connection, (Monocle Magazine)
2009 Best in the world in baggage delivery, (Skytrax)
2009 Best airport in the world, (Monocle Magazine)
2008 Fifth best in the world, (Wanderlust Magazine)
2008 Ninth best in the world, (Skytrax)
2008 Third best in the world in baggage delivery, (Skytrax)
2007 Third best in Europe, (ASQ)
2007 Second best Airport in the world in baggage delivery, (Skytrax)
2007 Best in Europe, (Reader's Digest Magazine)
2006 Third best in the world by size, (ASQ)
2006 Third best in Europe, (ASQ)
2006 Second best in Europe, (Skytrax)
2006 World’s best security processing, (Skytrax)
2006 Golden Pillow Award, (Sleeping in Airports)
2006 Award of Excellence, (Air Cargo World)
2005 Third best in the world by size, (AETRA)
2005 Third best in Europe, (AETRA)
2004 Best in the world by size, (AETRA)
2004 Second best in Europe, (AETRA)
2002 Service Excellence Award, (Airport World Magazine)
2001 Service Excellence Award, (Airport World Magazine)
2000 Best in the world by size, (IATA)
2000 Best in Europe, (IATA)
2000 Service Excellence Award, (Airport World Magazine)
1999 Best in the world by size, (IATA)
1999 Golden Key, (The Association for Finnish Work)
1998 Best in the world, (IATA)
1997 Best in Europe, (IATA)