A new book by photographer Kari Palsila and architect Tarja Nurmi,
“Finnish Architecture with an Edge” beautifully illustrates 18 recently completed projects by Finnish Architects from around the world.

With text by Architect and critic Tarja Nurmi and various drawings and sketches from the architects the book graphically describes the design process and construction story of this diverse range of buildings, of which 2 are the work of PES-Architects: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Helsinki, Finland and Wuxi Grand Theatre, Wuxi, China.

The book is available from the publisher: Maahenki Oy
Finnish Architecture with an Edge
ISBN 978-952-5870-69-5
Date: 23.01.2013


NEWS 16 01 2015
The Finnish Minister of Finance visits Chengdu Icon Yunduan

Last month during an extensive visit to China, involving a delegation from a broad range of Finnish companies, the Finnish Minister of Finance Mr Antti Rinne visited the construction site of Icon Yunduan in Chengdu.

Chief Architect Tuomas Silvennoinen was present to present the project to the delegation.

The mixed use high rise tower, which now has reached about 1/3 of its total 192m height is an excellent example of Finnish Chinese collaboration. PES architects have been working in collaboration with the Chinese architectural consultants CSWADI for approximately 4 years to realise the project based on a winning architectural competition from 2009.



NEWS 22 02 2013

During the closing gala of China - Interior Design Week 2012, PES-Architects received the China - Interior Design Award in recognition of the excellent overall interior quality of the new Wuxi Grand Theatre and during the China - Interior Design Innovation Forum the Opera House’s lead-architect Pekka Salminen was awarded a special prize for the building’s innovative use of bamboo.

PES-Architects receive two prestigious design awards in China
Wuxi Grand Theatre competes in the Architizer A+ Awards

PES-Architect’s Wuxi Grand Theatre, China has been selected as one of the finalist under the Architecture +Weather category of the Architizer A+ Awards. Under which it is still possible for the public to choose their favourite building. Also in recognition of its exceptional quality the theatre has received a Special Mention in the under the Awards’ Theatres and Performing Arts Center category. This places it in the top 20% of all the entries.

More information:


NEWS 28 02 2013
NEWS 28 02 2013
Ruoholahdenkatu 23 achieves LEED Gold Certification

The recently completed Ruoholahdenkatu 23 in Helsinki, Finland has been awarded a USGBC LEED Gold Certificate for Core and Shell.

NEWS 28 02 2013
PES-Architects projects published in - “Finnish Architecture with an Edge”
NEWS 05 03 2013
PES-Architects’ Wuxi Grand Theatre received extensive press coverage
The Wuxi Grand Theatre which was only completed in spring 2012, has received extensive publicity during its relatively short life from both the Chinese and international media.
NEWS 16 04 2013
New projects in transportation: Metro stations in Espoo

PES-Architects have signed the contract to produce the construction design documentation of Finnoo and Kaitaa metro stations which are the first 2 stations after Matinkylä on the Greater Helsinki metro line west extension.

NEWS 6 09 2013
Helsinki Design Week exhibition – PES Architects in China

Between the 14th and 22nd September PES-Architects will be exhibiting 10 years of projects in China. The exhibition located in the Old Customs House in Katajanokka Helsinki, is open and free to the public and is part of the Above Exhibition Series.

The exhibition consists of 30 panels displaying work from 18 projects as well as 3 large physical models of some of PES-Architects most dynamic work.

More information about the venue is available from here:



NEWS 07 10 2013
Pekka Salminen receives Golden Seat award in Shanghai
During the China International Interior Design Festival 2013 which ran in conjunction with Shanghai Design Week, Pekka Salminen was awarded the China International Interior Design Festival Golden Seat Architectural and Interior Design Master Award on 5th September. Other architects that have received this award are; this year Paul Andreau and last year Kengo Kuma.
NEWS 13 11 2013
Construction of Mixed use Tower Icon Yunduan in Chengdu is proceeding well

The excavation of the basement areas of Icon Yunduan started in 2011, now the building has reached ground level. The pouring of the concrete structures started at the beginning of 2013, the construction process is running well. The central core and the basement areas are clearly visible.

Chief Architect Tuomas Silvennoinen visited the site during week 45. The construction documentation has been done by CSWADI in collaboration with PESARK. The interior design of all public spaces are within the PES-Architects work-scope.

The Mixed use Tower Icon Yunduan will be 192m high with 47 floors above ground and 3 beneath and is due for completion by the end of 2016

Icon Yunduan Tower

NEWS 12 12 2013
New project in transportation: Helsinki central rail loop – Pisararata, Hakaniemi Station

PES-Architects have signed the contract to produce the planning documents of Hakaniemi train station in preparation for the approval for the construction of Helsinki’s central rail loop – Pisararata.

NEWS 19 02 2014
PES-Architects win Fuzhou, Culture and Art Centre competition

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, 30 January 2014, PES-Architects were informed that they had won the architectural design competition for the Strait Culture and Art Centre in Fuzhou, China.

The culture centre comprises an opera hall, a multi-purpose theatre, a concert hall, an art museum, a film centre and commercial premises (total 128.000m2) in connection with the metro system.

PES-Architects working with CCEDGC (China Construction Engineering Design Group) were awarded first prize ahead of numerous esteemed international design practices like Zaha Hadid and GMP from Germany, working in collaboration with other Chinese design studios.

Press release
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NEWS 20 03 2014
PES-Architects start detailed design phase for the new Saudi Arabian Embassy in Helsinki

PES-Architects won the invited architectural design competition for the embassy during 2013 and signed the design contract at the end of that year.

The competition was organised by the Saudi Arabian ministry of foreign affairs MOFA and involved a number of major Finnish architectural firms.

The embassy building which includes offices and diplomatic facilities, as well as staff apartments is located close to Helsinki city centre. Currently a revision of the detailed master plan for the area is underway and the neighbours have been informed about the project.

PES-Architects partners, design director, Tuomas Silvennoinen and CEO Jarkko Salminen recently visited Riyadh for a kick off meeting with the client, where new design specifications and instruction were given.

The design team will be led by Tuomas Silvennoinen and project architect Marcelo Diez

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NEWS 19 11 2014
Wuxi Grand Theatre on Google Earth
After the completion in 2012 the Wuxi Grand Theatre now also became a reality on Google Earth, with the trademark, the eight silver wings, reflecting the sun back into space.
NEWS 01 07 2014

SAFA Architect, Arttu Suomalainen become the fourth managing partner of PES-Architects in May 2014.

Arttu has been working for over twenty years at PES-Architects, and is currently the Chief Architect and Design Director of the office’s transportation projects. Arttu has worked extensively on numerous development projects at Helsinki Airport and for the last ten years, throughout all design phases as the Chief Architect of the Kehärata underground stations (Helsinki’s Ring Rail connection to Helsinki Airport). Arttu is also currently the Chief Architect of Greater Helsinki’s western Metro extension - Finnoo and Kaitaa stations and of Pisararata’s Hakaniemi Station (Helsinki’s central underground commuter train loop). Arttu has also been a chief architect in various educational projects, as well as the very large and complex Yekaterinburg Tennis Center, sport project.

Arttu’s appointment as a managing partner will boost and broaden PES-Architect’s leadership structure and will help to strengthen the offices dominate position as one of Finland’s leading passenger transportation Architects.

Arttu Suomalainen becomes a Managing Partner at PES-Architects
NEWS 20 11 2014
The construction of Strait Culture and Art Center in Fuzhou is ready to start soon

After winning the first prize in the international invited competition in January 2014, PES-Architects and China Construction Engineering Design Group Corp. CCEDGC signed the full scope design contract in June 2014. The preliminary design was finished in November, with a gross floor area of 151 821 m2. The construction work will start at the beginning of 2015, and the cultural complex is planned to be finished by the end of 2017.

NEWS 28 12 2014
New Project in Transportation:
Helsinki West Harbour
Client – The Port of Helsinki
PES-Architects have commenced the design of a new ferry terminal in Helsinki’s West Harbour, Finland. The design consists of a new ~8,000m² terminal building that will serve fast traffic to Tallinn and is due to open in 2017. The shore line of the West Harbour area is currently being extended to the south to allow for the new terminal as well as two new ferry berths. The new terminal will be designed to be a flexible “new-era” terminal, enabling smooth and trouble-free transit to and from ships.
Helsinki and Tallinn are becoming increasingly attractive cities for both business and tourism. The number of passengers and the amount of commuting between Helsinki and Tallinn is increasing rapidly. Currently there is approximately ~6,2 million passengers annually flowing through Helsinki’s West Harbour.
NEWS 23 01 2015
Helsinki Airport, Terminal Expansion, Client Finavia Oyj

PES-Architects have commenced the schematic design
of a new terminal extension at Helsinki Airport, Finland.
The ~70,000 m² enlargement will extend to the west of the existing terminal T2. Terminal extension will include new wide body plane gates for mainly Asian traffic.

PES-Architects is constantly working on various alterations at Helsinki airport including new retail areas and security check area in terminal T2.



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NEWS 25 05 2015
Again this year a group of cheery ladies proudly presented PES-Architects in women’s running event “Naisten Kymppi” that took place in the heart of Helsinki. The ladies’ smiles before the jog were almost as joyous as they were after. The group ran under the title PESSIMISSIT.
This works well as the kickoff for the training for the upcoming yearly PES-Football Tournament in the autumn time.
NEWS 07 07 2015
“Work on Progress” New West Harbour passenger terminal, Helsinki

PES-Architects design for the new West Harbour ferry terminal is proceeding at full speed. The new terminal will concentrate on traffic between Helsinki and Tallinn and is expected to open in Spring 2017, when the new Tallink ferry will start to operate. The new terminal will be a state of the art design, tailor made to serve fast traffic between the two cities. The new terminal will create a focal point for the larger development of the west harbour.

More information can be obtained from the port of Helsinki’s website:
Scroll down for more information; NEWS 28 12 2014

NEWS 07 07 2015
“Work on Progress” Expansion of Helsinki Airport

PES-Architects are continuing to develop the architectural design for the expansion of Helsinki Airport (Finavia). The extension will be one of the largest construction projects in Finland and is expected to require an investment of ~400 milj. Euors until 2020. The project took a major step forward with the opening of Helsinki’s ring rail line, (Kehärata), PES-Architects designed the airport station and connection, along with other stations and infrastructure.


More information can be obtained from Finavia’s website:

Scroll down for more information; NEWS 23 01 2015

NEWS 01 07 2015

PES-Architects has been involved in one of the most significant public transport projects in the Helsinki region for more than a decade. The Helsinki kehärata light rail line opened to passengers this week. The new line provides a fundamental link between Helsinki city centre, Helsinki Airport and the rest of Finland.

PES-Architects have designed the underground stations of Aviapolis, Airport, Ruskeasanta and Viinikkala, which included the stations’ platforms, exit routes, emergency escape routes and service shafts as well as the above ground entrance buildings and service buildings.

The Ring Rail Line will provide a key public transport link for the entire metropolitan area. The number of daily journeys on the line is estimated to be about 150,000.
The new rail line connects the Vantaankoski line and main line, creating an important transverse rail link between East and West Vantaa.



Ring Rail (Kehärata) Line opened to passengers on 1st July 2015
Naisten kymppi /
Women's Fun Run 24 05 2015